Monday, 19 October 2015

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Townhome

Like condos and co-ops, townhomes are common interest developments (CIDs). In a CID, neighbours share more than a street name, their properties are entwined through the sharing of a common wall. Because townhomes are typically owned, owners are bound by some basic agreements, including easement rights. That means that while you don’t own your neighbour’s half of the party wall, you do have certain rights, including its demolition (which would damage the integrity of your wall); and the same often goes for fences and driveways. Owners of townhomes are also obliged to maintain the exterior of their homes. So townhome living becomes a combination of condo living and single dwelling living.

With that in mind, here’s a few questions to ask that are specific to buying, and living in, a town house:

1.    Tell me about the Homeowners Association

Most communal areas, for example parks or recreation centres (and even the parking lot), are regulated by the homeowners association. The Homeowners Association can really set the tone of any neighborhood, and often include some fees, whether to fund holiday parties or maintain those common areas.

2.    How thick are your Walls?

Just because you share a wall with your neighbours, doesn’t mean you want to share their day-to-day activities as well. Take the time to see how well sound travels through your home, whether it’s taking to tenants, or visiting the townhouse at several different times throughout the day

3.    How’s the Natural Ambiance?

Is your town house near a park or lake? Does it have access to a walking system? Touches of nature like these can easily enhance an urban townhome. End units often have a little more outdoor space, and if your potential town house is in the middle, having an outdoor haven is a great plus.

4.    Talk to me about the CC&R

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) are rules that are part and parcel with living in certain communities. A CC&R can dictate anything from whether you’re allowed to have pets to whether you can hang a clothesline. But don’t fret, because of CC&Rs, rows of townhouses often look nicer, are safer, and maintain higher property values (while keeping your neighbor from blocking your parking space).

House hunting can be stressful, but with a clear idea of what you want, and knowing what to look for, you can minimize risks and find yourself in the home, and community, of your dreams.

Friday, 4 September 2015

First Show Home Grand Opening!

On the weekend of September 12 and 13, you are invited to the Grand Opening of Maple Way Gardens brand new show home. This stylish 1,408 sq. ft., three storey, model home will open for viewing from noon to 4:30.

During the Grand Opening, we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to save $2,500 on these already competitively priced town homes. These homes are the best priced executive townhomes in south Edmonton with layouts of 1,388 sq. ft. to 1,408 sq. ft. from the 310’s. Tour this innovative townhome to experience many features including granite countertops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a master bedroom with both an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet. Incredible views of the lake, park and ravine are simply the cherry on top of this refined family lifestyle opportunity.

While you’re in the neighborhood, take the opportunity to discover its many value-rich amenities. Walk along the paths that wind through the community, or explore the many amenities that await just outside your door. Just down the street from Maple Way Gardens is a new shopping district that features a transit hub and stores to meet all your shopping needs.

Maple Way Gardens is only seven minutes from the new Meadows Recreation and Community Centre. This start-of-the-art, 234,000 square foot facility hosts two arenas, multiple swimming pools (with a water slide!), an indoor running track, sports courts, gymnasiums, and a comprehensive fitness centre and a library!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Maple Way’s Amenities - PLAY, EXPLORE AND ENJOY

Go for a walk. Go for a run. If you love the outdoors then you’ll love life at Maple Way. With over 300 acres of naturally spectacular green space including parks, playgrounds, pathways and a 75 acre wetland and wildlife reserve, the new community of Maple Way provides abundant amenities and activities for everyone. 

Scenic parks and green spaces are an idyllic place to connect with nature in a quiet, tranquil setting. Residents can enjoy them daily by walking, jogging or just relaxing in these special places -  that will grow even more beautiful with time.

Manicured shorelines and inviting pathway systems are designed for peaceful walks or exhilarating runs. Maple Way’s extensive pathway system winds throughout the community, and is one of its most distinctive features. 

The pathways offer numerous possibilities for recreation or relaxation. A training exercise, a stroll with friends, or for a daily dose of fresh air on your walk through the community – you’ll find countless of reasons to get outside and get moving.

Residents can enjoy endless outdoor fun with family, friends and neighbors, regardless of the season and find new spots to enjoy every time they venture out into the community. Play a game of catch, fly a kite or have a picnic in thoughtfully-designed gathering places where residents can savor life’s little moments. At Maple Way you’ll find countless of reasons to get outside. 

Looking for more family fun? The new Tamarack playground and recreation area is a short ten minute walk from Maple Crest. Open to residents from both communities, it’s a great place to meet new friends and neighbors.

Maple Way residents can also enjoy the impressive recreation and cultural facilities of the Meadows Recreation Centre. This state of the art facility is less than seven minutes from the community at 17th Street and 23rd Avenue. Residents can access the centre by purchasing a membership or paying a drop in fee.

The centre includes a host of amenities including two arenas, multiple swimming pools with a water slide, an indoor running track, sport courts, gymnasiums, and a comprehensive fitness centre. Outside, there are championship tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer pitches and football fields, plus a seasonal outdoor skating rink and an excellent selection of health, wellness, sport and cultural programs.

Check out these and other exciting amenities at Maple Way - a great family oriented community. For more information, visit our website

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Townhome Living - The Best Of Both Worlds

Not sure what townhome living has to offer you? Here are some benefits of living in a townhome in Maple Way Gardens...

Townhomes are a great alternative to condo living or a more expensive single-family home. Why? Townhome owners actually own the patch of land their townhouse sits on. Condo owners only own the airspace inside the condo, not the land. 

When it comes to single family homes. Why pay more? Townhome owners get many of the same benefits of a single family home but for less money and fewer maintenance hassles. Here are some other benefits to owning a new townhome in an amazing community like Maple Way Gardens. 

Financial Benefits

Townhomes are an affordable housing option and you own a piece of land. Townhomes are also generally less expensive than single-family homes in the same neighborhood, while providing the same community benefits. It’s true that once you buy a townhome, you may have a mortgage and HOA (Home Owner Association) fees, while your friends in a single home are only paying the mortgage. But... yard maintenance costs add up. A new fence, a driveway full of snow and lawn care equal responsibility and money in single- family dwellings. In a townhome, an HOA service can be a cost and time saving alternative.

Extras, Extras, Extras

New townhomes often have quality upgrades built right into the design specifications that you otherwise couldn't afford in a single-family house. For instance, at Maple Way, owners receive granite kitchen counters, premium appliances, hardwood main floors, carefully appointed architectural features throughout and so much more ...for so much less! No upgrades or hidden costs - quality and value are included in the base price.

Built In Amenities

When you buy a townhome, it comes with a community, and
that community has amenities. Townhome living at Maple Way Gardens is an excellent example of a community that offers  fantastic recreational opportunities. Townhome owners get to enjoy the beautiful forested ravine and resident pathway system designed for peaceful walks or heart pumping runs. The community’s 51 acre wetland natural reserve, scenic parks and playgrounds are designed to be explored by foot or cycled. Just minutes away is the the Meadows Community Recreational Centre and other fantastic amenities, including shopping, restaurants, schools and medical services.

Maintenance Free Living

In general, townhomes require less maintenance than a single-family home because homeowner associations assume responsibility for all common areas - so owners don’t have to. For example, at Maple Way the homeowner's association is responsible for maintaining all exterior common areas so you can say goodbye to lawn and snow removal ...and hello to more time doing what you want to. Having someone else look after your yard maintenance drastically reduces the amount of time and dollars you will spend on your dwelling. 

A Connection To Your Community

There's a lot to be said for knowing your neighbors and the many benefits it can bring. Social connections, security, assistance when needed and... if you’re a frequent traveler ...a lock and leave lifestyle in the midst of friends for peace of mind. Townhome living offers new home buyers an amazing opportunity to create a sense of community between neighbours. In a community like Maple Way, where there are only 47 townhome units, neighbors are even more likely to get to know each other and form valuable connections.

No Neighbours Below You

As important as it can be to know your neighbors...personal space is also important. At Maple Way Gardens, you have no neighbours living below you - the only thing you will have is convenient parking and storage. This is where townhome living offers some of the same benefits of a single family home and added comfort to your lifestyle. You can get in and out of your pad quicker. And carrying groceries or just storing stuff is a lot more convenient!  Also, because there are are no people living above or below, you’ll enjoy less noise and more privacy.

For more on the benefits of townhome living visit the Maple Way Gardens Townhomes Sales Centre today. 


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Friday, 27 March 2015

Maple Way - 5 Benefits Of Buying Vs. Renting A Home

Spring has arrived and the buzz of new showhome openings is in the air. Now, many people are thinking about a new place to live. Maybe your lifestyle has changed or your family has expanded or you want to take advantage of lower mortgage rates and great opportunities in the market.

Whatever the case many be, a question that is likely to come up when you are looking for a new place to live, is whether you should buy or rent. Here are 5 benefits of buying a home of your own instead of renting, according to James Harrison - Mortgage Specialists.

1. Building Equity

The thing about renting is, in many cases you’re paying off someone else’s mortgage. Basically, you’re helping to create equity for someone else, instead of yourself. You have to live somewhere and, in most cases, you have to pay to live there. Why not pay to live somewhere that is creating a valuable asset for you yourself? 

2. Your Inner Designer

If you are a renter, you know how difficult it can be to make even minor changes to the style of your rental property. And if you are able to paint, switch light fixtures, etc; you usually have to change everything back before you move out. When you buy a home, you can unleash your inner designer and change whatever you want when you want to - no hassles.

3. Family Stability

When you buy a home and make it uniquely your own, you are setting the stage for decades of important memories that belong to you - your family get-togethers, your kids growing up and the life moments that really matter. The sense of stability that comes with owning a home is immeasurable and you will have a source of financial security later in life when the mortgage is gone and you have a valuable asset.

4. Payment Stability

Most lease agreements last for one to two years. When it’s time to renew, rent can increase. Many landlords increase the rent as much as the law allows. And while mortgage rates aren’t always rock steady, you can opt for 5-year fixed terms where you’ll know exactly how much you have to pay for that period of time, making it a more stable option.

5. Sense of Community

When you buy a home instead of renting, there is often a higher likelihood that you’ll take an active interest in the community. This includes getting to know your neighbours on a deeper level. That’s not to say that renters don’t participate but when you own your home, it can feel like the community belongs to you and your fellow homeowners. And everyone takes community pride to another level.

To find out more about Maple Way Gardens Townhomes Visit:

ADDRESS: 2922 Maple Way Edmonton, AB, T6T 1J2
PHONE: 780-995-1643

Monday - Thursday: 4 pm - 7 pm 
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Credits To James Harrison Mortgage Specialists

Friday, 13 March 2015

Maple Way Gardens Townhomes - Now Under Construction!

Incredible things are taking shape in Maple Way Gardens!

These much anticipated new townhomes from the low $300’s are now under construction in Edmonton’s prime southeast community – Maple Crest. The foundations have been dug on Building One and will soon be completed on Building Two.

Framing is expected to begin in a week and it’s projected the show home will open in fall 2015.

These are exciting times at Maple Way and you need to come out and see for yourself all the activity and great new home opportunities that are emerging up from the site. 

Where Life Meets Style

Maple Way Gardens townhomes are an exclusive collection of only 47 homes. Three-bedroom plans ranging from 1,388 Sq. Ft. to 1.408 Sq. Ft., include the convenience of a two car garage. Cleverly designed for maximum flexibility, functionality, storage and space-saving-style and form have come together in a truly unique value-packed offering.

These stylish townhomes offer buyers the designer essential living package, including granite counters, premium appliances, hardwood main floors, carefully appointed architectural features and so much more!

A Community Alive With Amenities

Nestled in a master planned community with 300 acres of naturally spectacular living space, Maple Way Gardens is your gateway to an amazing lifestyle. An inviting forested ravine and pathway system are designed for peaceful walks or exhilarating runs. 

The community’s 75 acre wetland reserve, its scenic parks and woodlands are meant to be explored by foot or cycle. Tree lined streets add to the spectacular scenery. It's all here and waiting to be enjoyed.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Maple Way Gardens – Newest Townhomes In Southeast Edmonton

Maple Way Gardens is a new townhome development in the community of Maple Crest. Starting from the low 300’s, these luxury townhomes are available for purchase in two spacious designs from the sales centre at 2922 Maple Way.

Two Designs To Choose From - The Cornerstone & Focus

The Cornerstone - 1,408 sq. ft., and The Focus - 1,388 sq. ft., feature 3 bedrooms and 2 ½  bathrooms. Each layout has a double attached garage; executive kitchen with granite counters, island and laminate flooring; large living room; main level laundry and a fabulous master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet.

Maple Way townhomes are also available in walk-out orientations, duplex design and with beautiful ravine views. 

Maple Crest, Naturally

Maple Crest is located in southeast Edmonton. The community is 300 acres and offers scenic walking trails and professionally designed and developed parks.  The Fulton Wetlands, situated in the northwest corner, have been redeveloped into a 75 acre natural reserve and recreation area. It is home to native species of wildlife and migratory birds. This serene area, combined with ravine parks and the many amenities around the neighbourhood, makes Maple Crest an ideal place to relax and leave the city behind while you enjoy time with your family.