Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Townhome Living - The Best Of Both Worlds

Not sure what townhome living has to offer you? Here are some benefits of living in a townhome in Maple Way Gardens...

Townhomes are a great alternative to condo living or a more expensive single-family home. Why? Townhome owners actually own the patch of land their townhouse sits on. Condo owners only own the airspace inside the condo, not the land. 

When it comes to single family homes. Why pay more? Townhome owners get many of the same benefits of a single family home but for less money and fewer maintenance hassles. Here are some other benefits to owning a new townhome in an amazing community like Maple Way Gardens. 

Financial Benefits

Townhomes are an affordable housing option and you own a piece of land. Townhomes are also generally less expensive than single-family homes in the same neighborhood, while providing the same community benefits. It’s true that once you buy a townhome, you may have a mortgage and HOA (Home Owner Association) fees, while your friends in a single home are only paying the mortgage. But... yard maintenance costs add up. A new fence, a driveway full of snow and lawn care equal responsibility and money in single- family dwellings. In a townhome, an HOA service can be a cost and time saving alternative.

Extras, Extras, Extras

New townhomes often have quality upgrades built right into the design specifications that you otherwise couldn't afford in a single-family house. For instance, at Maple Way, owners receive granite kitchen counters, premium appliances, hardwood main floors, carefully appointed architectural features throughout and so much more ...for so much less! No upgrades or hidden costs - quality and value are included in the base price.

Built In Amenities

When you buy a townhome, it comes with a community, and
that community has amenities. Townhome living at Maple Way Gardens is an excellent example of a community that offers  fantastic recreational opportunities. Townhome owners get to enjoy the beautiful forested ravine and resident pathway system designed for peaceful walks or heart pumping runs. The community’s 51 acre wetland natural reserve, scenic parks and playgrounds are designed to be explored by foot or cycled. Just minutes away is the the Meadows Community Recreational Centre and other fantastic amenities, including shopping, restaurants, schools and medical services.

Maintenance Free Living

In general, townhomes require less maintenance than a single-family home because homeowner associations assume responsibility for all common areas - so owners don’t have to. For example, at Maple Way the homeowner's association is responsible for maintaining all exterior common areas so you can say goodbye to lawn and snow removal ...and hello to more time doing what you want to. Having someone else look after your yard maintenance drastically reduces the amount of time and dollars you will spend on your dwelling. 

A Connection To Your Community

There's a lot to be said for knowing your neighbors and the many benefits it can bring. Social connections, security, assistance when needed and... if you’re a frequent traveler ...a lock and leave lifestyle in the midst of friends for peace of mind. Townhome living offers new home buyers an amazing opportunity to create a sense of community between neighbours. In a community like Maple Way, where there are only 47 townhome units, neighbors are even more likely to get to know each other and form valuable connections.

No Neighbours Below You

As important as it can be to know your neighbors...personal space is also important. At Maple Way Gardens, you have no neighbours living below you - the only thing you will have is convenient parking and storage. This is where townhome living offers some of the same benefits of a single family home and added comfort to your lifestyle. You can get in and out of your pad quicker. And carrying groceries or just storing stuff is a lot more convenient!  Also, because there are are no people living above or below, you’ll enjoy less noise and more privacy.

For more on the benefits of townhome living visit the Maple Way Gardens Townhomes Sales Centre today. 


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